Ghazanfar Ali

(10.08.1941 - 14.09.1995)
  Bachelor of Art with fine arts from Government College Lahore, 1965 and Masters of Arts from University of Punjab Lahore, 1967. He continued to teach there till his death. Participated in several group shows at home and Milan, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, London, Bonn, Madrid, Vienna. 3rd prize in graphics in national exhibition, 1973, second prize in graphics, 1982. In graphic art, Ghazanfar proved his merit, by producting work of consistent quality. His 'landscapes and flowers' is again a fascinating work in intaglio. The delicacy of touch stands in a masterly juxtaposition with fiery colours. One-man show at Rawalpindi 1973, 1974. He resurrected print-making several decades after Chughtai's pioneering work. Work figures in private collections at home and abroad.
Wazir Khan's Mosque, 1980
Wazir Khan's Mosque has attracted artists time and again. Whether European traveler or Lahori, all have attempted to convey some of its multi-faceted allure.  
Tollinton Market, 1979
One of the earliest Raj buildings on the Mall, it was constructed for the Punjab Arts and Industry exhibition of 1864. The Mall, the main artery between the walled city and cantonment at Mian Mir, was laid at a cost of Rs. 10,428 by Col. Napier, the Chief Engineer. The Exhibition was officially opened by Sir Robert Montgomery, the Lt. Governor. Later, it became the most important municipal market outside the Old City selling fresh fruit, vegetables and other consumable.  

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