Habib Burkie

(B. April, 1928)

  Migrated to Lahore from Jullunder in August 1947. Studied at MAO College. Worked as Cameraman in the Public Relations Departments, Government of the Punjab, 1952-1960. In Lahore, came in contact with Shakir Ali, Khalid Iqbal, Moyene Najmi, Collin David and other Lahore artists who frequented the Coffee House. Under their influence started painting and Resigned from Government service, 1961. Got admission to Slade School of Art, London 1961, but could not join. Made documentary films till his retirement in 1988. His documentary "Wealth in Pond" won the Vancouver award for best film. Lives in Islamabad.
Shah Almi-I
The gate which once existed in this area, was named after  
Shah Alami-II
Muhammad Moazzam Shah Alam, son of Bahadur Shah, the successor of the last great Mughal Aurangzeb. This quarter of the old city however, continues to be called after him and has, more recently, become known for commerce and trade.

During the struggle of independence, Shah Alami was an arena of serve conflict. For several years the locality lay in ruin and reconstruction was slow. Habib burkie, in both paintings, focuses on the dilapidated state. His simplification of architectural elements rendering of the texture of walls and capturing the general depressed ambience of the lanes is remarkably well done for an untrained eye.


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