Hal Bevan Petman

(Active 1930-1965)

Born in Scotland. Came to South Asia long before the partition. After Independence opted for Pakistan. Settled first in Quetta, then Rawalpindi. Specialized in battle scenes, army officer's and society portraits.

The occasional landscapes he painted were indebted to Western style of perspective and were realistically rendered.

Gateway to Badshahi Mosque, 1950s
The grand entrance of the mosque faces the Alamgiri Gate of the Fort across the garden court. Entirely constructed of brick and dressed in red send-stone, the Mosque forms a 170 meter square elevated on a platform of twenty-two steps from the ground level. The gateway is in the Mughal style, symmetrical in its conception, graceful in its symmetry and elegant in its execution. It is decorated with framed and carved paneling with square finials topped with red sand-stone pavilions.

Landscapes by Petman are rare. This painting was probably executed during the mid-fifties as the mausoleum of Allama Iqbal was completed in 1953/54 and the cupolas of the gateway had been restored. Particularly striking is the Punjab sunlight which has been captured against what is clearly a nineteenth century European sky. Reminiscent of constable.


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