Iqbal Ahmad

(B. 10.10.1935)

Masters of fine arts 1965. Teaching at Alhamra Arts, Centre, Lahore since 1965; Shakir Ali Museum, Lahore since 1987; Libra Painting Academy, Model Town, Lahore since 1985; teacher at University of the Punjab, Lahore.

Eleven solo shows in Pakistan and abroad. Designed promotional material for several private concerns and ornamental organizations.

Basant, 1994
When the sun takes just a little longer to set and winter withdraws its cold hand, it is Basant -time in Lahore. A time which ushers in sping:
Ayee Basant Palau rant!
            Come Basant and winter flie
The advent of this season is celebrated with the popular festival of kites, when all Lahore takes to roof-tops or open spaces.
Sheran-wala Gate, 1980
Sheran-wala Gate, as the name suggests, was associated with lions. During the Sikh period, it is stated Ranjit Singh the Maharaja, kept two domesticated lions here. The gate is also known as Khizri Gate after the mythical saint, Khizr, patron of water and a guide to mystics.  

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