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Pakistan's Fashion Models

1. Saboor Ali

Saboor Ali started her career in acting from the series of ARY Digital named as Mehmoodabad Ki Malkain in which she appeared with her sister Sajal Ali. [ more.. ]

2. Abbas Jafri

Pakistani model Abbas Jafri has been the brand ambassador of several Pakistani and International brands. [ more.. ]

3. Nargis Fakhri

Nargis Fakhri is an American model and actress. She has appeared on America's Next Top Model and made her acting debut with the 2011 Bollywood film Rockstar. [ more.. ]

4. Danish Taimoor

Danish Taimoor was born in Karachi, Pakistan On 8 August 2014, he married actress Ayeza Khan after being in relationship with her for 7-8 years. [ more.. ]

5. Amna Baber

Amna Baber is the model in Pakistani Fashion Industry, her elegance and elective style has taken her to the heights of success in a very short period of time. [ more.. ]

6. Alishba Yousuf

Alishba Yousuf is a Pakistani VJ, model and actress who works in Pakistani serials and telefilms and add a number of brand endorsements on her list. [ more.. ]

7. Neelam Muneer

Neelam Muneer is a young, brilliant and shining Pakistani actress who started her career as a model. [ more.. ]

8. Sabeeka Imam

Sabeeka Imam's angelic looks found her work as a fashion and beauty model on an international level and she's done commercials for brands such as SONY and Whirlpool. [ more.. ]

9. Humaira Asghar Ali

Humaira Asghar Ali a famous Pakistani fashion model known for her exceptional work in fashion industry. [ more.. ]

10. Zara Peerzada

Pakistani Model is the Daughter of actor Salmaan Peerzada. Zara with her chiselled features, perfectly arched eyebrows and long, loose curls – is stunning to look at. [ more.. ]

11. Momal Sheikh

Momal is a beautiful girl with attractive looks. She also has appeared in many commercials like Jam e Shireen. [ more.. ]

12. Mawra Hocane

Mawra Hocane is a Pakistani actress, VJ and model. Hocane made her acting debut in 2012 with the serial Mere Huzoor. In 2013, she was nominated as the best actress for HUM TV. [ more.. ]

13. Sohai Ali Abro

Sohai Ali Abro has extraordinary talent and acting skills. No doubt that the reason of her fame is also her cute face. [ more.. ]

14. Arij Fatyma

Arij began modelling in 2011 and says she can’t name one person in particular but insists there were many individuals who helped her in the beginning of her career. [ more.. ]

15. Urwa Hocane

Urwa Hocane is a Pakistani model, VJ and actress. She started her showbiz career as a VJ for ARY Musik then later got attention for her acting in Meri Ladli. [ more.. ]

16. Maya Ali

Maya Ali is an immature model and actress, she started her career with different hosting shows on different TV channels and ramps. [ more.. ]

17. Sanam Jung

Model and Actress Sanam Jung started her career with Play TV being Host from August 2008 from May 2010. [ more.. ]

18. Sadia Khan

Model Sadia Khan has took the air ramp for many top fashion designers. She has also done commercial modeling. [ more.. ]

19. Ainy Jaffri

The stunning new actor-model Ainy Jaffri has been seen in commercials for brands such as Dawlance, Ufone and Omore. [ more.. ]

20. Eshal Fayyaz

Eshal Fayyaz is one of the newly arrived Stunning fashion model in the Pakistani fashion industry. [ more.. ]

21. Falak Sheikh

Falak Sheikh was only a school teacher before entering the fashion industry. The model has come a long way since then and intends on getting to the top in the near future. [ more.. ]

22. Saima Azhar

Entering the fashion industry was a life changing event for her. Saima has been title “Miss Photogenic” and she has been feature in a number of popular Pakistani mags. [ more.. ]

23. Sadaf Kanwal

Sadaf kanwal believes in hard work, devotion and determination. She is a beautiful face with a beautiful mind. [ more.. ]

24. Areeba Habib

The new shining star, Areeba Habib, in the Pakistan’s fashion industry has a commercial girl next door kind of look. [ more.. ]

25. Sajal Ali

Sajal Ali is the new face in Pakistan’s television industry. In a short time, she has appeared in a number of drama serials and received a lot of fame. [ more.. ]

26. Mahira Khan

Mahira Khan is a Pakistani model and actor who recently attain fame due to working in different drama serials and has been doing a wonderful work as a VJ earlier in her career. [ more.. ]

27. Sana Sarfaraz

Sana Sarfaraz is an interesting mix of beauty plus brains. She has been in showbiz since four years and has recently completed her bachelors in advertising. [ more.. ]

28. Hira Tareen

Pakistani fashion model Hira Tareen is hard working she personally teaches the model that how to walk on ramp. Hira Tareen, is the mastermind behind the web designs and marketing of the company. [ more.. ]

29. Mehwish Hayat

The vibrant lady purely reflects an epitome of Asian beauty. She has not only proved herself as a perfect model, but has also shown high commitment and professional dedication in her acting skills, and making a name as an Actress Mehwish Hayat. [ more.. ]

30. Imran Khan

Imran Khan, a well known Pakistani Male Fashion Model has done a lot of work with Top Fashion Designers and Top Fashion Models of Pakistan. [ more.. ]

31. Majid Khan

Majid Khan with his arresting masculine features and penetrating gaze has gained sudden admiration and success in Pakistani Fashion Industry. [ more.. ]

32. Minahil Shah

  [ more.. ]

33. Zeba Ali

Pakistani fashion industry is appreciating the arrival of new faces and new talent, Zeba Ali is among those names who have made a distinguished recognition in a short span of time with their hard work and talent. [ more.. ]

34. Maria Wasti

  [ more.. ]

35. Rizwan Ali

  [ more.. ]

36. Amna Ilyas

Amina Ilyas has gained the title of “best model” and “The queen of couture”. She is exactly what they call bold and beautiful. [ more.. ]

37. Arsalan Javed

Fashion model Arsalan Javed has got surrealistic wheatish complexion and curly hair combined perfectly with a long slender nose and French shave. [ more.. ]

38. Ali Zafar

  [ more.. ]

39. Rooshani

  [ more.. ]

40. Meera

Born in Lahore, Punjab on July 15, 1976, Meera starting her career as a model in 1994, and gained fame after doing TV commercials. [ more.. ]

41. Juggan Kazim

Juggan Kazim is an extremely talented Canadian and Pakistani actress, model and television host.. [ more.. ]

42. Aijaaz Aslam

The Pakistani heartthrob, Aijaaz Aslam started his career as a model with his first shoot for Men’s club magazine and impressed many TV directors. [ more.. ]

43. Jennifer Jiya

  [ more.. ]

44. Mona Laizza

The Hot and sizzling, Mona Laizza started her career as a Pakistani model and today she has reached to Bollywood Film Industry with her hard work, determination and sensational looks. [ more.. ]

45. Emaad Irfani

Emaad Irfani is one of the precious assets of Pakistani Fashion Industry. This tall hunk got a blend of Mexican and Spanish features that makes him uniquely different from the crowd of faces in Pakistani Fashion Industry. [ more.. ]

46. Fouzia Aman

Fashion Model, Fouzia is the young emerging talent in Pakistani Fashion Industry. She possesses an arresting beauty with an attitude that is bold yet mesmerizing. [ more.. ]

47. Wajahat

Fashion Model, Wajahat is one of the precious assets of Pakistani Fashion Industry. [ more.. ]

48. Maham Nizami

Fashion Model, Maham Nizami is a precious jewel in Pakistani Fashion Industry, with her hard work and charming features she has soon made her place among the top models of Pakistani Fashion Industry. [ more.. ]

49. Furqan Shafi

Easily adaptable in both the eastern and western looks, Fashion model Furqan shafi is considered as a nice choice for fashion shoots. [ more.. ]

50. Cybil

Cybil, a girl with a terribly sweet and polite disposition, the best kind of unaffected beauty is a Pakistani Model in the most ‘un-model’ like way because of her simple down-to-earth attitude. [ more.. ]

51. Nadia Ali

The bold and beautiful yet an emotional cry baby, Fashion model Nadia Ali, came into Pakistani Fashion Industry four years ago. [ more.. ]

52. Aamina Sheikh

Aamina Sheikh is an actress in totally in the spotlight in Pakistan. With scores of successful projects in her bag and host of awards already won, she is sought after by a very large following of her fans, who simply adore her for her talent and performan [ more.. ]

53. Uzma Pervaiz

Fashion Model, Uzma Pervaiz is the bold and beautiful addition in the Pakistani Fashion Industry. She has clear cut sharp features that can arrest anyone with their alluring charm. [ more.. ]

54. Sana

Sana is a Pakistani film actress and model; she achieved success in 1990s when she was introduced to the Lollywood Film industry by director Syed Noor in his film Sangam in 1997. [ more.. ]

55. Maleeha Naipaul

The extremely arresting beauty from Pakistani Fashion Industry, Maleeha Naipaul is known for her captivating sharp features. [ more.. ]

56. Fia

Fashion Model, Fia is the young emerging talent in Pakistani Fashion Industry. She possess an attitude that is bold and mesmerizing. [ more.. ]

57. Kiran Malik

Fashion Model Kiran Malik is another dazzling beauty in Pakistani Fashion Industry; She arrests the heart when she walks in her ‘oh-so-hot’ style carrying an aura of feminine grace and elegance. [ more.. ]

58. Ayyan

Fashion model, Ayyan is the freshest addition to the roster of Pakistani fashion models. This extremely sensual leggy beauty has got style and attitude that is rare and the beauty that is ethereal. [ more.. ]

59. Sanam Saeed

Fashion model Sanam Saeed is good in giving elegant fashion shoots and walking on the ramps as well. [ more.. ]

60. Richal

Other than her outstanding position in the Pakistani Fashion industry, Rachel Gill is establishing her name in the showbiz industry too. [ more.. ]

61. Armeena Rana Khan

Pakistani Fashion Model Armeena Rana Khan, the hazel eyed stunning Fashion Model from Canada has wowed the million hearts with her beauty and grace. [ more.. ]

62. Iraj

Fashion model Iraj looks attractive & sexy in Fashion shows and hot on magazines covers. [ more.. ]

63. Aamir

Fashion model Aamir has enough room to learn the tactics of modeling from his seniors and to generate his own as well. [ more.. ]

64. Ali Qayum

Fashion Model, Ali Qayum is one of the precious assets of Pakistani Fashion Industry. [ more.. ]

65. Taimoor Mahmood

  [ more.. ]

66. Irfan Khawaja

Fashion model Irfan Khawaja is also showing his modeling spirit on the Fashion ramps too, and in this way he has started proving himself as a leading Fashion model of the future. [ more.. ]

67. Mekaal

The handsome heart throb of Pakistani Industry, The British cum Pakistani model and actor, Mekaal Zulfiqar was born in London, England. [ more.. ]

68. Angeline Malik

Fashion model Angeline Malik holds each of her creative department brilliantly. [ more.. ]

69. AdY

Fashion model ADY is a versatile young lady, who can work in different fields. [ more.. ]

70. Nisha

  [ more.. ]

71. Fiza Ali

Fashion model Fiza Ali is a heighted & smart figured young lady with the cute looks. [ more.. ]

72. Ayesha Gilani

Ayesha Gilani is very bold, self-confident and intelligent lady; she believes on hard work and self assurance. [ more.. ]

73. Mehreen Raheel

Fashion model Mehreen Raheel is one the cute, talented & top class Fashion models of Pakistani Fashion industry. [ more.. ]

74. Humaima Malick

Fashion model Humaima Malick is continuously establishing her name in the Fashion industry successfully. [ more.. ]

75. Wiqar Ali Khan

Fashion model Wiqar Ali Khan always appears ideally on ramps, Fashion shows and on TV screen too. [ more.. ]

76. Anna

Fashion model, Anna has got professional model look with sensually beautiful features and tousled tresses. [ more.. ]

77. Rubya Chaudhry

Fashion model Rubya Chaudhry give different types of Fashion shoots to many Fashion magazines and commercials. [ more.. ]

78. Imaan

Fashion model Iman has potential to walk on the ramp confidently and can easily win the hearts of people by her cute way to carry the fashion & style. [ more.. ]

79. Amna Karim

Amna Karim is marvelously making her name in both the showbiz & Fashion industries. [ more.. ]

80. Haya

Fashion model, Haya has touched the peak of success in a short period of time; she is undoubtedly a magnificent and talented addition to the roster of Pakistani fashion models. [ more.. ]

81. Perihan Tamkin

Fashion model Perihan Tamkin has got gorgeous & attractive photogenic face with the perfect screen beauty. [ more.. ]

82. Ali Ejaz

Fashion Model, Ali Ejaz is one of the precious assets of Pakistani Fashion Industry. This boy with long tresses got an attitude that is alluring. His chivalrous and raw manliness makes him even more demanding in Pakistani Fashion Industry. [ more.. ]

83. Neha Ahmad

Neha Ahmad has big name on the fashion shows & ramps. She creates sensations in the fashion shows when appears on the ramps. [ more.. ]

84. Sharjeel Baig

Sharjeel Baig is establishing his career in the different fields of style & fashion world. [ more.. ]

85. Imran Abbas

Imran is much loved by the public because of his dashing looks and brilliant acting skills. His long term plans include pursuing a career in Architecture, for which he plans to move abroad. [ more.. ]

86. Sonia Ahmed

Sonia Ahmed is bold and confident young lady and was trying to be the "Miss World Pakistan" when she was just a college girl. [ more.. ]

87. Saba Qamar

One of the Pakistan’s emerging hot fashion models and drama actresses of Lahore, Saba Qamars have got the attractive features. She has also got ideal 5’ 7’’ height and a perfect fashion model figure. She is smart enough in every aspect to be a goo [ more.. ]

88. Sabina Pasha

The stunning Sabina Pasha is the new face in Pakistani fashion industry, among many other beautiful models. [ more.. ]

89. Mustaffa

Mustaffa has all guts to suit with the dress he wears. He actually gives the dress its actual grace in true sense through his astonishing personality. [ more.. ]

90. Nisha Paul

Nisha Paul is a young and energetic model with the charming looks. She has got fine face cuts and also has all the guts to walk on the ramps. [ more.. ]

91. Rabia Butt

Pakistani Fashion models are making their prominent position throughout the world. Besides so many experienced fashion models Pakistani Fashion Industry always welcomes young bloods. One of the up-coming fashion models is ‘Rabia Butt’. [ more.. ]

92. Uzma

Uzma is among the few Pakistani fashion models who have distinctive features and have a non-traditional appearance. For this reason this very Pakistani fashion model looks dazzling in western wear. [ more.. ]

93. Fayeza Ansari

Pakistani fashion model Fayeza Ansari is an emerging star in the world of fashion models. [ more.. ]

94. Rubab

Rubab has been in the Pakistan fashion industry for a considerable time and due to her tall height and small structure, she makes a perfect example for a runway model. [ more.. ]

95. Veena Malik

Veena Malik - real name Zahida Malik - is a popular Film and Television artist, famous for her mimicry and improvised comedy. Apart from that, Veena is a model. [ more.. ]

96. Nausheen Shah

There are many out there who are struggling to enter the limelight. Some succeed, while others have to wait till their stars turn lucky for them. Among those who are climbing up the ladder of success rapidly, Nausheen Shah, with her killing looks stands o [ more.. ]

97. Saleem Sheikh

A brilliant actor and TV artist Saleem Sheikh has ruled the Pakistani film industry for decades and has made a huge name and acquired quite a fame. [ more.. ]

98. Zara Sheikh

One of the Pakistan’s ideal actress of the Lollywood; Zara Sheikh is showing her skills in different walks of life. [ more.. ]

99. Natasha Hussain

Pakistan's cherish and one of the super & tall models, Natasha Hussain is running on the road of success. [ more.. ]

100. Uzma Khan

Pakistani fashion models are proving their talent in the grounds of modeling, and acting as well. [ more.. ]

101. Nadia Hussain

Pakistan’s Fashion Industry has so many shinning stars in it; one of those is Super Star Nadia Hussain. [ more.. ]

102. Zainab Qayum

One of the Pakistan’s top models, Zainab Qayum is famous for matchless style and impressions. [ more.. ]

103. Abdullah Ejaz

This quintessential northern faced Pakistani top Fashion Model from Lahore, Abdullah Ejaz has wowed the million hearts with his oh so sexy looks and angelic eyes. [ more.. ]

104. Iffat Rahim Omer

Brought up in the glittering cultural capital - Lahore, Iffat did her masters in Graphic Arts from University of Punjab and also takes pride in attaining a gold medal in her masters program for Film making. According to Iffat, It has been her greatest ach [ more.. ]

105. Sunita Marshal

Suneeta was introduced into the modeling carrier by her aunt. Then after make her good name in the modeling world she stepped into the world of acting. Now she is doing her best in the fields by maintaining both of them at one time, in a nice way. [ more.. ]

106. Jia Ali

In 1991, Jia Ali achieved international acclaim, after her 'Wrangler' commercial. Subsequent to that, Gia walked down the ramp in her very graceful catwalk for the first time and was soon noticed by big names in the respective field. While, she was in Isl [ more.. ]

107. Vaneeza Ahmad

She is best known for her decency and a true model appearance on the ramp. Lahore born model and actress, Vaneeza Ahmad is earning her name in the world of style & fashion almost from the last 13 years. Her close ones and the people in the fashion industr [ more.. ]

108. Nadia Malik

Fashion Model, Nadia Malik is a girl with amazing features and the beauty that is ethereal. She came in this field four years ago because of her passion and love for this profession. [ more.. ]

109. Meesha Shafi

Meesha is one of the Pakistan's charming models, and trying to make her name in so many fields at a time. [ more.. ]

110. Mehreen Syed

She won the ‘International Model of the Year Award’ in a competition held at Zafar Ali Road, Lahore. [ more.. ]

111. Mariyah Moten

Mariyah Moten was Pakistan's first representative at the Miss Bikini Universe pageant. And that's not all. She was crowned as Pakistan’s first "Miss Bikini Universe”. This after she won the title of 'Best in Media Attention/Miss Press' Category at the [ more.. ]

112. Natasha Paracha

Miss Paracha is a 2005 graduate of the University of California at Berkeley earning a degree in Political Science and Business Administration. While in college she also founded the Pakistani Students Association. [ more.. ]

113. Nosheen Idrees

Nosheen hopes to bring back a title that can put Pakistan as a country that has the most beautiful women in the world. In her own words, Nosheen says, "Pakistan is a country where the most beautiful women exist and it’s a shame that it’s not recognize [ more.. ]

114. Batool Cheema

Ms. Cheema's personal goals during her reign were to dedicate and contribute her time and energy to the Pakistani community and help build a stronger cultural environment for all Pakistani youth in North America. [ more.. ]

115. Tahira Iqbal

Tahira Iqbal, the Queen of Pakistan yet very sweet and down to earth is characterized with the persona of a confident and bold woman of today. [ more.. ]

116. Yasmeen Ghauri

She was walking external the salonwhile Edward caught perspective of her also transported her into to Joseph Del Tortoon, the owner of the salon. He possessed been working inclusive of models for the ago 12 years also possessed information of instantly Ya [ more.. ]

117. Amina Shafaat

Amina Shafaat is well known, famous and talented Pakistani fashion model. Amina is best identified, as the model who refused to wear sleeveless dresses. People into the fashion industry predicted that her career will be petite-lived also she would get ver [ more.. ]

118. Aaminah Haq

Pakistani known ‘Aishwarya Rai’ worked with so many renowned stylists and photographer like Athar Shahzad, Arshad Tareen, and Tapu Javeri etc. She has also give name to the so many designer’s work like HSY. Most interesting thing about Aaminah Ha [ more.. ]

119. Tooba Siddiqui

Tooba Siddiqui started her career seeing as a charity demonstrates, she did her first photo shoot in Pakistani Fashion indusry inclusive of Ather Shahzad. She accepted this project without thinking twice. She started modeling for the Pakistani fashion ind [ more.. ]

120. Iman Ali

Iman Ali depicted as audacious and gorgeous in the midst of the fashion icons, Iman Ali possesses a strong fan-following, especially among the youth of Pakistan. [ more.. ]

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