Rahat Naveed Masud

  M.A. Punjab University, Lahore 1976; M.A. art and design, Kingston University, London, 1995. Won several awards: 1972, 1973, 1976, 1991. Group shows at various venues London 1993-1996, Teddington, Surrey, Kingston, Chertsey, UK; Abu Dhabi, 1994; Lahore 1982, 1984-1991, 1997; Islamabad 1986,1996.
Lahore Museum, 1997
The museum collection was initially housed in the Baradari of Wazir Khan. To the Punjab Exhibition building it was shifted until a proper building was conceived, adjacent to the Mayo School of Arts. The foundation stone was laid on 3 February, 1890 by Prince Albert Vctor, Duke of Clarence, Queen Victoria's grandson. Known as the Central Museum Building , it was completed in 1884. Conceived in re brick and red sand-stone, it displays the finest Gandhara sculpture, the Fasting Buddha.  

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