Raheel Akbar

(B. 1939)

Masters in Psychology from Punjab University. Started painting in early fifties. He studied at the Academic Grand Chemieri, Paris; influenced by Shakir Ali (1916-1975), Zain-ul-Abidin (1917-1976) and Moyene Najmi (1928-1997). He passed through various abstract phases in which he simplified shapes, employed muted colours and texture.
Anarkali, 1964
According to legend 'Anar-Kali', 'pomegranate blossom', was the name given to Nadira Begum, one of Emperor Akbar's favourite dancing girls. The area outside Lohari gate was named after her and for several decades after the annexation of the Punjab, occupied by the British. Soon it developed into a thriving commercial bazaar complete with the canvas awnings to keep the lanes cool in the Lahore summer.  

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