M. Saleem Ansari

(B. 1971)
  B.F.A.(Hons). National College of Arts Lahore, 1997. Participated in several exhibitions: 1992, 1993, 1997: solo exhibitions: Lahore Arts Council, 1997.
Badshahi Mosque, 1997
The huge mosque with three marbles domes, which dominates lahore's sky-line to this day, was built by Emperor Aurangzeb, son of the other great patron of architecture, Shah Jahan. Built in 1673 AD/1084 AH, under the supervision of Fadai Khan Koka, his foster brother, the mosque has withstood the ravages of time. Sikh misuse and British abuse did not mar the majesty and grandeur of this building . The most outstanding features of the mosque are its minarets, whose proportions embody grace, strength and which stand witness, like the index finger, to the glory of God.  
Old Anarkali-II, 1997
The extension of Anarkali Bazaar beyond the Mall is called Old Anarkali, and known for all-night cafes, food-stalls and Lahore delicacies.  

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