Sufi Waqar
(B. 1937)
  Son of the famous poet and past Resident Director ofg Alhamra Art Centre, Sufi Ghulam Mustafa Tabassum. After his Masters in fine arts from the Punjab University, 1960, he left for the United States of America. He is settled there.
Alhamra Arts Council
The old Alhamra Arts Council building was a residence converted to cultural purposes after independence. Its fine, tall, pine trees, which grew in the profusion, brought the cooling scented air of the hills to the Punjab flat-land. Unfortunately, they were felled to make room for the new buildings.

The painting was commissioned by the Council. Sufi Waqar, a class-fellow of Colin David and Aslam Minhas was a student of khalid Iqbal, whose influence is apparent in the cross-hatching of the foliage.


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